Enterprise Resource Planning Software is the ideal way to Manage Complete Enterprise Resource Operations


  • Manage Project
  • Manage Task
  • Manage Users

CRM Module

  • Contacts management
  • Customers management
  • Suppliers management

Document Management

  • Upload document
  • PDF Invoice
  • Credit Notes

Customers Management and Inventory Management

Live Chat Module

  • Channel Reports
  • Sessions History
  • Customer Ratings
  • Configuration

Customers Management

  • Add New Customers
  • Edit Your Customers’ Details
  • Export Customer Lists
  • Customer Classification (Report)

Inventory Management

  • Stock listing with location tagging
  • Spare and defective stock management
  • Stock alerts and material transfer
  • Inventory Reports

Point of Sale and Billing – Sales

Point of Sale

  • Orders Manage
  • Reporting (Orders, Sales Details)
  • Configuration (point of sale, products)

Purchase Management

  • Cash Purchase Receipts
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Simple Goods Receipt Creation
  • Create Debit Notes
  • Make Payment

Billing – Sales

  • Create Cash Sales
  • Easy Creation of Sales Orders
  • Automate Invoice Creation
  • Create Credit Notes
  • Invoices management

Resources are well informed with Email Marketing and Report

Products Management

  • Product Catalog
  • Manage Product pricing and Inventory threshold
  • Organize product with categories and tags

Email Marketing

  • Mailings (mass mailings)
  • Contacts (mailing lists, contacts)
  • Reporting Configuration (settings)


  • Stock On hand
  • Payment
  • Sales Analysis
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Balance


  • Inventory Management (Product Planning, Purchase, Reports)
  • Sales Management (Quotations of orders, Invoice, PDF Reports)
  • Invoice Management (Customer Invoice, Vendor Bills, PDF Reports)
  • Manage CRM (Pipeline Quotations, Customers Reporting)
  • Email Marketing (Mass Mail, Add and List of Contacts)
  • Employee Directory (Employee Details, Add Department)
  • Equipment (Manage Allocations, Issues, and Maintenance)

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate the Enterprise Resource Planning Software through a web-conference at your convenience. You can view the Enterprise Resource Planning Software system demo by selecting your options and consulting with our experts to arrange the demo, please contact sales@dasinfomedia.com
Yes, The Enterprise Resource Planning Software comes with multiple languages. The system provides 30+ Different Languages.
We’re fervent about keeping your data safe and secure. Our facilities feature stringent 24/7/365 security with video monitoring, biometric access, and advanced fire, flood, and theft monitoring systems. Our network security system employs the latest encryption and intrusion detection and prevention technologies.
The system provides a Default Paypal Payment Gateway, The system is integrated with Our PAYMASTER plugin, so the user gets 8 different payment gateway.
Our support team is available 24/5, Monday through Friday to assist you. Visit our Support Center to contact us.