Digital Identity is certainly one of the main Marketing channels for new customer acquisition in the business world today. You can not imagine a new business without having its own website and social media presence. Your digital presence is available 24/7 and can attract new customers by driving the brand conversation on numerous digital channels ranging from email to mobile applications.

Keeping a website well maintained and attractive is important to companies’ big and small, in order to engage and retain customers. Since the pandemic, a lot of employees and IT freelancers have changed their priorities and it is hard to get quality IT service. At Dasinfomedia, We can help you keep your website healthy, get traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings. Not only will this create easier access to essential information about your product offering it can also cut back on a large number of questions that are asked via social media. Customers will be able to locate the answer themselves if this information is available on the website, rather than relying on the small company owner to be on social media all of the time to answer queries.

Along with a clearer presentation of the business’s information, a website also increases a company’s searchability. A website is a lot more likely to be shown in a search before social media handles. Therefore, it is likely that if your competitors do not have a website your product will be shown first. This will also increase the amount of organic traffic that your business will receive and increase your SEO rankings by providing a website link to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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