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Warranty and Return system plugin allows customers to raise request for product return or claim the warranty for faulty product.

Warranty and Return system is the ideal way to Manage Complete Warranty and Return Operations

Manage – Requests

  • Sorting of warranty request by status, date and order
  • Dashboard to showcase claim progress
  • Request listing with all necessary details

General Customization Available

  • Custom request form generator
  • Report- warranty request by year
  • Admin can also generate warranty request by selecting customer order

Raise Warranty Form and Progress of Warranty


Raise Warranty Form

  • Warranty details on product landing page
  • Raise warranty request from order history page
  • Quote request for out of warranty products

Progress of Warranty

  • Warranty request history
  • Progress with claim highlight in green box
  • Comment module to contact shop admin

Admin define default Warranty Period and Customize System to Suit The Work Flow

Admin define default Warranty Period

  • Set system wide warranty period in days/months/years
  • Flexibility to define product specific warranty period
  • Option to show warranty quote request link request

Customize System to Suit The Work Flow

  • Set warranty status according to business logic
  • Define warranty/return reasons for customer to choose from
  • Customizable email template for notifications and alerts

Email Template customization and Daily Report


Email Template customization

  • Customize email body for auto response
  • Personalize email template with short codes
  • Define warranty manager’s email

Daily Report

  • Warranty request by month and year
  • Warranty request by product
  • Warranty request processing cost

Request From Generator and Request Processing view

Request From Generator

  • Predefined warranty form for quick setup
  • Add your own data field and type
  • Adjust order of the fields

Request Processing view

  • Update status of warranty request in real time
  • Add notes and costing for internal use
  • Comments module to collaborate with customer

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How many types of payment does the system support?2023-12-13T08:54:12+00:00

The system provides a Default Paypal Payment Gateway, The system is integrated with Our PAYMASTER plugin, so the user gets 8 different payment gateway.

Have more questions?2023-12-13T08:54:32+00:00

Our support team is available 24/5, Monday through Friday to assist you. Visit our Support Center to contact us.

Have more questions?2024-01-09T12:33:05+00:00

Our support team is available 24/5, Monday through Friday to assist you. Visit our Support Center to contact us.

Can I check a demo of Real Estate Management System?2023-12-13T08:52:24+00:00

Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate the Warranty and Return system through a web-conference at your convenience. You can view the Warranty and Return system demo by selecting your options and consulting with our experts to arrange the demo, please contact sales@dasinfomedia.com

Does Warranty and Return system support multiple languages?2023-12-13T08:53:26+00:00

Yes, The Warranty and Return system comes with multiple languages. The system provides 30+ Different Languages.

Is my data safe?2023-12-13T08:53:45+00:00

We’re fervent about keeping your data safe and secure. Our facilities feature stringent 24/7/365 security with video monitoring, biometric access, and advanced fire, flood, and theft monitoring systems. Our network security system employs the latest encryption and intrusion detection and prevention technologies.

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