Lean Manufacturing is a process by which an organization eliminates waste while meeting its customers’ needs by producing what they want, when they need it.

This applies throughout an organization’s manufacturing processes—to the key growth areas of your business; improving cash flow, increasing efficiency, greater throughput, eliminating set-up steps, reducing inventory, and speeding up delivery.The Lean Manufacturing process focuses on how an organization works. It does not focus on the individuals but how they perform their tasks. It pays close attention to the flow of work as it passes from one hand to the next. The process identifies and eliminates waste, at each point, maximizing the efficiency of the production process to achieve optimal performance.

The “Eight Wastes” that are either reduced or eliminated immediately through implementing Lean Manufacturing principles are:

1. Excess Inventory
2. Waiting
3. Defects
4. Transportation
5. Downtime
6. Overproduction
7. Under utilization
8. Non-Value Added Processing


Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Enterprise resource planning software is most powerful and easy to use a system that will help you achieve higher operational productivity and efficiency.

  • Product catalogue & Product library
  • Client, Supplier, Employee & Order Management
  • Marketing and sales module
  • Inventory management & Stock handling
  • Shipping and payment module

  • Reports module

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Software is the ideal way to manage customer leads, opportunity, accounts, contact, task, case, product, quote, sales, invoice, tax, newsletter, clients and employee.

  • Manage inquiries using bespoke CRM.
  • Manage Lead from custom contact form
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Manage all customer details in single system.
  • Manage sales funnel with maximum control.
  • Mailchimp newsletter integrated

HR Management System

Lean Manufacturing principles improve inventory control issues, help companies meet customer demands, resolve capacity issues, meet delivery schedules, and solve other problems that are affecting a company’s ability to grow and compete.

  • Manage all users information
  • Admin, HR Manager, Accountant, and Employee
  • The user can view and edit your personal information
  • Manage Company working hours
  • Set company policy document and standard forms
  • Manage Employee Complaint list

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