Construction field computing is the use of handheld devices that augment the construction superintendent’s ability to manage the operations on a construction site. These information appliances (IA) must be portable devices which can be carried or worn by the user, and have computational and connectivity capacity to perform the tasks of communication management. Data entry and retrieval must be simple so that the user can manipulate the device while simultaneously moving, observing events, studying materials, checking quality, or performing other tasks required. Examples of these devices are the PDA, tablet PC modern tablet devices including iPad and Android Tablets and smartphone.


ERP System – YashNand

We can manage our projects (located in various states) from a single location (Corporate Office).We can manage our inventory (stores) well.


Apartment Management System

Apartment Management System is ideal way to manage complete housing society maintenance tasks.


Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management System is ideal way to manage complete Estate or Properties task.

Usage of information appliances in construction

  • Comparing planned to constructed conditions.
  • Carrying out in-field quality inspections.
  • Clarifying plans and specifications, resolving differing conditions, adapting methods and materials to site-specific requirements.
  • Capturing data about such defects and communicating it to the relevant sub-contractors.
  • Comparing planned to constructed conditions.
  • Coordinating and scheduling events and material delivery.
  • Monitoring jobsite conditions and correcting safety deficiencies, improving efficiency, and ensuring quality.
  • Recording and documenting work progress, labor, inspections, compliance to specifications, etc.
  • Communicating direction to specialty contractors, laborers, suppliers, etc.

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