Abstract Generally, expert system, recommendation system, intelligent-agent-based system, more secure system or different combinations of them, are all consist in Ecommece support system.

An ecommerce Support System through proven beneficial for nearly all businesses. Using the big names as an example, such as Amazon and eBay, these downloads have made way for a noticeable increase in sales. The download is free so people have no hesitation about downloading them and they make it possible to buy items at all times from anywhere. If you join in on this trend, you can attract the same types of consumers that download Amazon and eBay apps. These are the consumers on-the-go, the people who browse when away from the computer and like to buy items they need from anywhere. If you do not, however, you risk alienating this same consumer base or not staying in their minds long enough to make a sale.

If you want an ecommerce mobile app, there are several options available to you. You can create a responsive site design that works just as well on mobile as it does on a desktop; you can do the same with an HTML5 app. The last option is a native mobile app, an app built for a specific platform that you can download from an app store. All of these come with their advantages, but the native app is the most popular.

A native mobile app is an app that you develop for a specific platform, like Android, and then release on the specific platform’s store, in this case the Google Play Store. These allow for in-app purchases, they are separated from the site so you do not need to alter the code to make it a mobile store, and they are easy to use. On top of all of this, most people prefer to use apps that they download rather than going to the store using their device.
The cost of native ecommerce apps is what might scare some people away. It can go up there in price, sadly, but that is an investment. You pay for high quality work and a feature that people these days expect of ecommerce websites. You can easily make this amount back with the audience you can now target.
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