Hello Gas Case Study

  • Hello gas is a mobile application where you can order cooking gas through hello gas application.
  • We connect gas delivery agent with customers through technology.
  • Your order will then be broadcasted to our nearby carefully recruited gas delivery agents via GPS.

Key Challenges

  • Place your order
  • Easy to Order
  • Fixed Rates
  • Fast Delivery
  • Invoice
  • HELLO GAS Agent is a smart-phone based cooking gas delivery service.


  • Register either as gas supplier or customer

HELLO GAS – Gas Delivery App

  • HELLO GAS Limited provides the ultimate online plan that links the cooking gas suppliers with their customers via mobile app and GPS technology.
  • Aim is to give cooking gas suppliers in Kenya an opportunity to grow their business by providing timely deliveries and excellent services to their customers. With our mobile app, the convenience of customers to receive gas on real time basis is enhanced and with less hustle. Everything in our online gas delivery platform is automated, from placing an order till delivery. HELLO GAS app technology will positively change the way gas delivery business is conducted.



  • Visit HELLO GAS website or simply download our mobile app
  • Register either as gas supplier or customer
  • Place your order
  • Your order will then be broadcasted to our nearby verified gas delivery agents via GPS
  • Available Gas delivery agent will be able to view and accept your order via HELLO GAS Delivery Agent app.
  • You get a notification ones your order is accepted
  • Delivery agent will contact you before making a delivery
  • You can also schedule a delivery at your convenient time.



  • Tremendously enhances the way cooking gas is ordered and delivered by the customers and gas delivery agent.
  • Allows you to order your gas at your convenience and at the touch of your mobile screen without calling.
  • Network of gas delivery agents across the country and gives the customer an opportunity to choose best gas suppliers ones broadcast is done and deliveries are instant.
  • Information sharing platform by customers and agents through instant alerts of orders, deliveries and rating of suppliers.
  • Uses only verified gas delivery agents with physical presence on selected outlets.


orderEasy to Order

No more phone calls. Get your cooking gas with just few clicks.

orderFixed Rates

No more buying at high price. Selling price is fixed in all area.

orderFast Delivery

No more long time waiting. 75% faster than standard delivery.


No more receipts. Invoice will be sent via email once delivery is done.