WhatsApp Green Tick is a badge that appears on your WhatsApp Business number Profile. You will receive it once Your Business Profile has been successfully verified by WhatsApp, indicating that you have an official business Account.

The Advantages of Having your WhatsApp Profile Verified:

  • Having the Green tick badge can help you to experience fewer customer blocks.
  • A higher ROI on your messaging costs may arise from an increase in the read rate of your messages.
  • It might eventually merge with the rest of your branding.
  • Even if customers do not save your company’s contact details, they can still see your brand name.

Typically the process is the following:

Step 1: Verify your Facebook Business Account
You can check your account status at business.facebook.com/settings/info. To verify the account:

  1. Go to the Security Center in your Facebook Business Manager and click start verification in the Business verification section.
  2. Enter the business details.
  3. Select your business.
  4. Confirm your business details.
  5. Get a verification code or verify your domain
  6. Enter verification code (not applicable if you use domain verification).

Step 2: Contact a dasinfomedia WhatsApp Business solution provider

Once your Facebook Business Account is verified, contact us. They will gather all of the required info and transfer it to WhatsApp.

Step 3: Send info to us:
Send the following info to the WhatsApp Solution provider:

  • Screenshot showing your verified status
  • Business website address
  • Facebook page URL
  • Business name in languages other than English (if applicable)

Step 4: Application is submitted

Once you have provided all of the info the partner will open a ticket with WhatsApp to verify your account.

If you have a WhatsApp API, do apply for verification and get the green badge to add credibility to your account. This will help you win customer trust not just in the short-term but also long term.

You can apply for the verification process through Facebook Business Manager either yourself, or you can leverage Dasinfomedia Chat’s experience to help you set sail smoothly.

Already a Dasinfomedia Chat user? Refer to this helpful article for getting started with your Green Tick application.