Indoscan is the most powerful, Feature-rich and user-friendly document scanning application with PDF converter. It is free to use anytime and anywhere. Scan and Optimize your Single or multiple Documents with modes like Lighten, Magic color, Gray Mode, and B/W Color. Set contrast values as per requirement to Enhance the scan quality. Once you are done with scanning, generate it as PDF or JPG and directly share to Gmail and Whatsapp contacts. This is the best scanning app alternative to cam scanner.

Indoscan has Best In class features:

  • Fully secure login with two step verification
  • No limit to scan your documents.
  • 4+ filter options available for enhancing your document clarity.
  • Automatically create PDF/ JPG and directly share with Email and Whatsapp.
  • Possible to download PDF and directly print your scanned document.
  • Option available for Single and Multiple documents scan at a time.
  • Organize documents in folders and files.
  • Front and back page for ID card scanning.
  • Import Images from your gallery.
  • Import PDF files.
  • No internet needed to scan and save the documents.