Dasinfomedia is one of the leading software development company which believe in quality work as per our client’s requirements. Dasinfomedia follows the standard software development lifecycle and provides extraordinary support to our clients with our IT Staff Augmentation Services.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a strategy where you hire dedicated software developers from another organization located in a country with a low cost of living. The organization adopts this approach to accomplish all the Client project requirements including cost, quality, and timely delivery of any IT project.

Essentially, staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy in which companies hire web developers from another company, which might be located in the country with a low cost of living to gain competitive advantage. This approach is called a staff augmentation strategy.

How IT Staff Augmentation Model can increase your Business Growth?

Staff Augmentation Services

Enrolling an accomplished candidate is as a laborious, costly and managerial exercise. No matter how well organized your HR team, an institution that provides IT staff augmentation services will always be a better option. Also appointing a full-time team on payroll is long term commitment and it can eat in to profit if the Project demand was temporary in nature. Taking advantage of external sources can bring lot of opportunities and possibilities to your company. Here Software staffing augmentation comes into play.

IT staff augmentation approach with offshore development company can help you connect with entrepreneurs and developers, who can share the responsibility of a project with you and may bring new skill sets all together for your organization.

Some of the benefits with Offshore Engagement are:

  • Achieve short and long term technology goals
  • Minimize risk, investment and maximize resources
  • Ensure appropriate skills and resources are applied to project
  • Guarantee adherence to schedules and timetables
  • Ensure affordability and stay within the specified budget for the project or IT support maintenance
  • Ensure product excellence and a successful outcome
  • Maintain agility within the business with rapid development and deployment

How to Make the Most out of Staff Augmentation in Software Development?

offshore staff augmentation

To make sure the IT staff augmentation model, achieves the desired goal, both the organizations must understand and agree on collaboration / Engagement models.

1) Identify and Document Project requirements:

The basic step of this process is to identify and define the needs of the company according to client requirements. You have to identify which type of candidates / offshore partner you need to complete your project. You have to list out your selection criteria like the experience of the company, years in business, their capability, team size, and other achievements related to your project requirements.

2) Agree on Engagement Model:

Your offshore outsourcing partner may offer you different engagement models. Check how flexible they are. Short term engagement model might be good for starting off the initial staff augmentation approach but the long term engagement model may bring more cost benefits as rates can vary. Also long term engagement model gives the partner more confidence and can prioritize work for you. So make sure you explore all possibilities.

3) Roles and Responsibilities:

Identifying and documenting all deliverables along with responsibility is key to the success of the staff augmentation model. It is important that Both in-house and development team understands the core objectives of the project and strives to achieve same. Project Gantt chart should be created and shared with each stakeholder to make sure tasks are distributed according to skillset and project can be implemented on time.

4) Communication and Project Collaboration:

Allow the team members to share their opinion or feedback that may prove beneficial for the project. Project management tools should be used. Weekly standup meetings should be arranged and web conferencing is advisable. Make sure the team follows agile methodology and Weekly Sprints are well defined and regular meetings can ensure the project timeline. Tools like Asana, Basecamp, and Jira help keep teams on track and ensure that projects are progressing as expected.

5) Quality control and Deliverables:

At time of Staff Augmentation – Offshore team selection you must check if the company has the internal testing team. Because hiring developers only can sometimes result in to too much work for in-house testers. So you should also consider the hiring a testing team as well along with the development team. Also make sure that the team uses Bug tracking tools and stick to well-defined quality parameters.

At Dasinfomedia, we help the business firms to solve their IT staffing issues, so they can find feasible solutions for their business. We have been providing quality developer talent for 12+ years and integrating them seamlessly into in-house development teams. There are almost a large scale and also small businesses, projects, startups and we regularly help them to make the backbone of their business strongest by providing staff augmentation services.

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