LSX Management Location Solutions Case Study

  • Founded in 2004, Location Solutions (or LS) has rapidly established itself as one of the leading Telematics service providers in the Gulf region. The company focuses on Fleet Management Solutions, LBS (Location-Based Services), M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Remote Communication, and specializes in GPS/GSM and Satellite-based online Tracking and Monitoring solutions for vehicles, assets, workforce, and individuals.


  • Keeping end to end customer record
  • Making sure employee schedules are in line with deliverables
  • Efficient stock control
  • Managing customer expectation with commitment made in proposal documents
  • Managing non-standardized processes that created operational difficulties



CRM Functionality

  • Ticketing (Support Management) functionality,
  • Asset Management (Device and SIM card management) functionality
  • Installer Apps
  • Catalogue Management (Product Management)
  • Accounting (Focus Sofnet) integration
  • Telematics (360Locate, LS3, …) integration
    Example of integration: Client Name, Client Industry Type (Manufacturing, transport, government, … No of Devices, Type of Devices

Users of the system:

  • Ability to create Admin users who has access to everything in the installation management system
  • Ability to create Installers as users to enter data (restricted entry to some areas)
  • Ability to create Support Users/Customer Service to inject certain data (restricted entry to some areas)

Setup of the system:

  • Issue found by installer
  • Reason behind check up
  • Root Cause
  • Type of Subscription
  • Type of Installation
  • Device Status
  • Issue solved
  • Device Tested
  • Device Commercial Status
  • Tracker Type
  • Installer Mistakes

Main Modules of System

User Management

Branch Management

Resellers Management

Supplier Management

Access Right

Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue



Batch Upload

Stock In Transit

Stock Dispatch

Stock Transfer



Transfer Spare Inventory


Client Management

Order Management


Installation Management

Maintenance Journal

View Schedules

View Delivery Note


Installer PerDay Installation

Date Orders Per Client

Accessories Orders Per Client

Active Subscription Per Client

No of Tracker Types

Device Per Commercial Status

Installation Summary

Maintenance Journal

Installation Journal

Stock Report

Active/Deactivated Subscription