WhatsApp is a messaging app that was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. It is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 1.5 billion monthly active users as of March 2022.
The app has been criticized for its security and privacy features, but it has also been praised for its simplicity and reliability. WhatsApp offers a variety of ways to communicate, including text messages, images, videos, audio messages (voice notes), and file sharing.

Here are a few rational justifications for choosing WhatsApp as your go-to marketing channel:

1.Increases Engagement:
WhatsApp makes it simple and direct for businesses to communicate with clients, which is crucial for any type of company. Companies can draw customers with clear, original messaging. Additionally, WhatsApp’s short response times to client inquiries assist gain their trust.

2.A higher conversion rate:
Finding the right channel to communicate with clients is crucial. Receiving continuous commercial calls is very annoying, don’t you think? This is the area in which WhatsApp really shines as a marketing tool; it connects companies with customers without being intrusive. Customers recognize and return 40% of WhatsApp chats, claims research. After making initial contact, sending a message to a prospect can dramatically increase conversion rates.

3.Low-Cost Marketing:
Makes WhatsApp the perfect business platform? It was inexpensive! You must download the app and launch your campaigns in order to begin using WhatsApp for marketing. A typical WhatsApp user checks his messages at least 23 times every day, which is the interesting part. As a result, your chances of connecting with your customers on WhatsApp are extremely high.

4.Increased Sales:
The finest platform for connecting with a company among conversational apps is probably WhatsApp. The potential customer gains assurance and trust thanks to this simple-to-connect power. Given the substantial increase in customers making online purchases through messaging apps, using WhatsApp as your company’s main communication and sales channel can be a brilliant move. A Meta survey found that about 60% of consumers would choose chatting networks over online shopping.

WhatsApp was first perceived or utilized as a messaging service for close friends and family. However, recently, companies have begun to recognize its significance and use it as a platform for Business marketing. Why not, then? The application, which has a user base of over two billion, has all the makings of a great marketing campaign.
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