Meet Stickars, the finest Security Officer in the whole Universe. It is his job to be ready for any assignment, quest or adventure, and he’s never failed yet! But a terrible thing has happened on the planet of Selantro,

and Stickars skills are about to be tested like never before…

The beloved Princess Alessandria has been kidnapped by the evil Queen Seraphina, ruler of Teragon, and taken to this sinister planet by the Queen’s notorious RoboFly army. King Guran of Selantro is devastated by the loss of his daughter, and will stop at nothing to return her safely to Selantro.

The King has assigned this heavy responsibility to his best and brightest Security Officer – the only one who is up to the task! Andrik must now do all he can to rescue Princess Alessandria before it’s too late. The way will not be easy, and there will be endless obstacles to overcome. Teragon is a treacherous planet with many different forms of enemy life, so Andrik will need all the help he can get!