Flutter is a new mobile app development framework for building high-quality native apps on iOS and Android. It is Google’s answer to the most popular app development frameworks, like Xamarin, React Native and Ionic. Flutter has a lot of benefits for startups. The framework is open source and free to use, it has a well-documented API with an active community, it can be used with existing code from Objective-C or Java projects without the need to rewrite everything in Swift or Kotlin respectively, it supports both iOS and Android out of the box, it has great documentation which makes onboarding much easier than with other frameworks.

Flutter’s Technology: Widget-based UI Framework

Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time.

Flutter is a cross-platform solution that can be used to create applications for both iOS and Android, while still maintaining the native look and feel of each platform. It is written in Dart, which Google has been using as its main programming language since 2013.

What kind of Apps you can build with Flutter?

Building iOS and Android apps are not difficult at all with flutter framework. Here are the most popular app categories that you can develop in a short time.

Real- Estate Apps:

Developing a flutter real-estate app is a challenging task but it is not impossible. With the understanding of Dart language and widgets, any flutter developer can develop a mobile real-estate application.

When it comes to offering accessible services to your clients to sell, buy, or rent properties, the best solution is real estate App. With our app development services, you can achieve all your goals and purposes to augment your business in a contemporary way. We develop end-to-end real estate solutions that deliver increased efficiency, and excellent client experience.

We recently developed a well-known real estate smartphone app with a tonne of features. Please see our case study. We created BabaHouse, a real estate mobile application that offers features like Property Listing, Offered Properties, Property Detail view, Location-based listing, Advanced filter, Quick chat and call, registration, login, Favorites, Agent profile, help, and settings.

Use To Flutter Library to Easily access GPS Location, property finder, filter, upload gallery, Live location tracking, etc.

E-commerce Apps:

We believe Flutter is a very powerful technology that has great potential applications for e-commerce. It has the necessary tools and libraries to easily help you to build your business all at once—for mobile, web and desktop—, and give more value to your customers. No matter whether you are a passionate UX/UI designer, an advanced mobile developer, or a newbie web developer, you will enjoy working with Flutter, and it will probably save you a significant amount of time. It’s certainly a game changer in the e-commerce business, and it can give your business the competitive advantage it needs. When it comes to e-commerce, Flutter is certainly innovative and it has some great advantages for developers which can lead to excellent results in record time.

Chat Application:

Many people use chat applications to communicate with team members, friends, and family via their smartphones. This makes these messaging applications an essential medium of communication.

There is also high demand for intuitive and powerful user interfaces with state of the art features. The user interface (or UI) is the most impactful aspect of the overall user experience, so it’s important to get right. Flutter app development has taken the world by storm in terms of cross-platform mobile application development. You can use it to create pixel-perfect UIs, and many development companies use Flutter today. Use To Flutter Library to Esaliy access chat engine Library, audio, video call, etc.

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