Every online and also offline business is different and so are its needs. But when it comes to web development and web softwares first and the toughest choice is to select the right framework. Going by Trends, it seems Laravel web development framework is one of the most popular PHP frameworks because of its rapid development and deployment features.

Laravel follow MVC ( model – view – controller) architecture. When we use MVC architecture standardization, reusability and scalability becomes very easy.

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1. Popular Framework with Good community support

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework which can easily download for free. It was created by Taylor’s Otwell. Hereby some of the main benefits are given below,

  • Highly secured
  • Complex coding becomes easy
  • Built-in project environment
  • Open-source
  • Temple engine
  • Community support
  • Modular structure
  • Libraries and configurations
  • Easy to access

2. Faster Development

Laravel comes with an inbuilt template engine known as Blade Template Engine. Blade templating engine combines one or more templates with a data model to produce resulting views, doing that by transpiring the templates into cached PHP code for improved performance. Blade also provides a set of its own control structures such as conditional statements and loops, which are internally mapped to their PHP counterparts.

Laravel gives you a fluent piece – proximate mapping which includes a Simple PHP Active Record implementation. An ORM is relatively faster than all other PHP frameworks. It lets the web app developers issue database queries with PHP syntax instead of writing SQL code. Every table in the database possesses a corresponding Model through which the developer interacts with a said table.

3. Testing becomes easy with Laravel

When it comes to the testing of the application Laravel by default provides the unit test for the application, which itself contains tests that detect and prevent regressions in the framework. The integration of the PHP unit such as a testing framework is very easy in the Laravel application. In addition to that unit tests can be run through the provided artisan command-line utility. Apart from these features, Laravel also has official packages that come handy when integrating different features in the application.

4. Security and Performance taken care of

Laravel framework provides a solid web app security. It keeps your database safe by using hashed & salted password mechanism so the password would never be saved as plain text in the database. It will provide you with high-class security by generating encrypted passwords through Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm, and it also prepared SQL statements that prevent SQL injection attacks. Speed of a web application is one of the most important things that influence user experience, conversion rate including SEO because many times, certain features & functions affect the site performance. To make things easier for the developers to enhance the web app performance with speedy experience, Laravel helps its developers with Redis and Memcached out-of-the-box support, the popular cache back-ends.

So instead of compromising your security, it is best to opt for a platform that provides heightened security. A benefit of Laravel is that the code base is highly protected with minimum to zero threats.

5. Laravel ‘s Bright Future in Web & Moblie Development

Laravel is backed by solid team of developers and innovators and they keep releasing at least two version updates every single year. They have clear roadmap of features they plan to release in subsequent updates. Latest laravel version is 7.0 and they already have plan for new features in 8.0. Also the development community around the world keeps making third party library compatible with laravel and that empowers laravel framework. Some of newly introduced features in Laravel 7.0 are:

  • Larvel AIRlock: The Airlock feature allows each user of an application to generate multiple API tokens. and useful for the effective creation and management of tokens.
  • Custom Eloquent Casts: it defines specific cast types. With the newly added Custom Eloquent Casts in Laravel 7.0., you can easily add custom casts.
  • Route Caching Speed Improvements: It has made significant improvements in route caching speeds. Even in large applications.
  • HTTP Client: It helps to minimal API, the functionalities of the Guzzle HTTP client is enhanced.
  • Improvements in Markdown Mail Templates: This template further can be easily customized and published as per the needs of your application.
  • Improvements in Database Queue: Its helps to database-backend queue and database driver is now equipped to be safely used in high volume production applications.

With Laravel 8 .0. new features are coming soon in last quarter of 2020.If you are looking for any kind of Larvel development services or are looking to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers, do contact us at sales@dasinfomedia.com