Yaraa.ai is an AI-powered business suite that can Reduce Human costs and increase productivity. It empowers the organization to be resilient against Covid-19 with speech-based-touch-free, Human-System Interaction.

Why Yaraa.ai?

  • A remote working environment has resulted in productivity Lost.
  • Project collaboration has become difficult and accountability is missing.
  • The organization is not fully equipped with a remote working environment.
  • Advances in AI technology like face and speech recognition are not fully utilized.
  • Post Covid providing a safe environment to employees and customers is imperative.

Our Solution

Yaraa HR Manager: AI-powered computer Activity tracker that Measures Employee Engagement For Employees working From home-Remotely. Touch safe-face Recognition for employee Punch-In and Punch-Out.

Yaraa Project Manager: Speech-activated Business suite that Manages Projects, Tasks, Employees, Project milestones, Billing, and Payments.

Yaraa Assistant: Using the Voice Recognition tool Yarra can Manage Visitors, Give tokens, Collect Visitor Information, Call contacts, Schedule meetings, Set reminders, and Make notes.

Managing Projects Across Teams isn’t easy. It can sometimes get complex and often inefficient. That’s where the collaborative Task Management solution Yaraa Hopes to help out. It aims to make tracking work activities Simpler, Reducing the Need for Email and unnecessary meetings as Yaraa calls it all “Manage Your Task”.